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Running down the end of my day, literally while I’m out walking right now #writing this, I figured I would go for the three-prompt option for the #weekendfreewrite.

They are impressionable. Catch their minds at least 5 times a day and in five different ways. Keep them interested but never satisfy the hunger.

“More!” some will plead.

“Your Wrong” some will say.

You are in control, not they!

As easily as they follow, they may also turn away.

Fidelo himself rode out to escort them on the last part of the road.

“Zak” I said, stopping him from rambling further about loosing all his followers. Fidelo is Zak’s nickname for Franky, his former manager, with the voice of a piccolo, what ever that is? Little prick of a kid up and walked when he seen the chance to go taking Zak’s following with him.

“Huh?” as per the usual grunt from Zak.

Right I’m talking to shut him up … brain dead silent … “isn’t it nice having quiet now?” coming out under my breath barely audible.

“A bit” Zak replies in the same way. Could hardly ever get three words out of the guy unless he was off rambling about some random situation he is dealing with.

“What happened” I expressed very delicately. I had been week and never had we talked about it.

With a cringe Zak said the only thing I know to this day of the whole situation, “her face bloody beneath her nose”. Having no idea what he was talking about I figured it was just rambling but the way he cringed was unsettling.

I have since felt like there is something no one is willing to talk about. Zak fell from his spotlight victim of cancel culture and weirdly happy about it. Though things seem to be better that cringe is all I can think about each time we speak.

It was a cringe as if a bone has broken. Not his bone and not intentional but still…

As If His Doing

The WEEKEND #freewrite

Originally published at on August 17, 2020.

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